Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another late nite....

I thought I would never find this blog, my blog again.

I've neglected it once more.

I was supposed to get back to it late last year but I simply couldn't be bothered. Now I am slowly coming to the realization people are reading what I write so here goes...

On the tech side my faithful laptop needs a new hard drive and I was saving up and, well, uh, that is a long story maybe I will get to it someday. Something about a 500 dollar electric bill and no food...

My new computer is what I use now and I have gone from 160 gigs to 8 so I bought a new usb DVD burner as the one in the machine refuses every damn disc I throw at it.

This year looks promising and I as usual try to put up some links methinks are good/interesting/fun, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
Running Scared
This is for mature audiences so if you are older than 13 and can play this cranky stuff then go for it! Watch out level 2!

Also here for your listening pleasure the SEX Album.

Personally one of the members had some cool ambient crap that I am quite fond of so much.

On a more tech side this is what some of you cheap people like me should try out when you can. Texting on your computer or more accurately sending SMS to a cell, try these two. No downloading is needed.


Google's Toolbar SMS link

Also I found two cheap/free/low-cost internet phones.
Downloading encouraged.

Gizmo Project-pay
A penny a minute USA to USA calls.


10 minute time limit.

Sorry for being so cryptic and not furnishing you with more detailed descriptions of everything but I am tired and blurry eyed. Try out the links if you want and send me a comment ot two, I don't care when or about what as I will read it and either erase, ignore or reply...when I get around to it...



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